Texas Co-op Power Oct 2019
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Ranch Hands On The Wheel

It’s true I’m a bit of a nomad, but I always love returning home to West Texas. I wrote about my experience learning how to drive on the ranch for Texas Co-op Power magazine. I know a lot of you can relate! Please share your “learning to drive” stories in the comments below. 

Read the article here and check out the awesome illustration that the talented Otto Steininger created to accompany the story. 

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  • david Lester

    Great Article. The weather was terrible here in East Texas last night but it reminded me of when I was learning to drive. When the radio announcer said that a big storm was on the way. my mom said, let us head for the only storm “pit” we knew of over a mile away on the old country road. I groaned and said I’m not going!”. My mom said get your pants on and We will let you drive”. the lighting was flashing and mud holes were f ull of rain water but I slid behind the truck steering wheel and away we went ….dodging the holes ….my dad said nothing. We arrived safely and trotted to the front door. I was feeling proud of myself. “g rand-maw”. It is time to get in the storm cellar”. No! you can’t go because your uncle forgot to drain the water out of it. But…the storm did not last and I got to drive home, too……..Bowie-Cass Electric Coop member in Douglassville, Tex. Member . Keep sending your writing to the Texas-Coop Power Magazine.

  • Brenda

    Thanks for sharing your story of driving down the muddy country roads, David! Sounds like you have some great memories of living in the country. – Bren