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    Community: The Secret to Living Longer

    Community is important to me. My family and friends bring much joy to my life. I feel happier and more fulfilled spending time with loved ones than when I deposit a check or buy a new pair of shoes. I changed my major in college because the degree path I started on didn’t provide enough social interaction for me.  Now, I’ve moved across the country (read about our move from West Texas to West Virginia here) and work solo from my home office. Plus, I’m not really a phone talker. All of these factors could lead to an isolated life. But, I watched Susan Pinker’s 2017 TED Talk “The secret to living longer…

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    The Gettysburg Experience

    A few months ago, I tagged along on one of my husband’s work trips to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We drove from West Virginia–not too far for us–up through Morgantown and the Maryland panhandle. On this trip I also visited Hershey and the Amish country, but this story I wrote for Vacationist USA focuses on Gettysburg. It was an amazing trip and I’d love to spend more time there. >>Read the story here<< (Pictured above is the Cyclorama at Gettysburg National Military Park)