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Same Kind of Different As Me

I’m a self-proclaimed Book Nerd. Capital B capital N. On any given day, I have around five rotating books on my nightstand: the Bible, and usually one nonfiction (perhaps about the brain or food), at least one on writing (like Strunk & White’s The Element of Style), and a couple of novels (usually what we’re reading in book club). I’ve found some of my favorite books through recommendations from friends, and so I want to pass on these insights to you, my friend.

This month I recommend SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME, a true story by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. Both of the book clubs I’m in read this and I have not experienced a book like this in quite some time. It’s the kind that you stay up long into the night to keep reading. I cried nearly the entire second half of the book, and I don’t cry easy. This is truly one of my top favorite reads of all time.

Our book club gathered over fried chicken, Dolly Parton’s skillet cornbread, and made-from-scratch strawberry cake. My friend and our host for the evening, Melissa, is a great cook. This book is mostly set in the Fort Worth area and their Southern voice jumped off the page at me. It was inspiring to see Ron and Denver’s unlikely friendship unfold. Reading this was a great reminder to not jump to conclusions when encountering someone. No one fits into a mold, as Denver and Deborah’s actions reminded us. And I loved it when Denver told Ron he was not looking for a “catch and release” friendship. He said real friends are forever. Yes! Y’all, do yourself a favor and read this book—and then pass it along to one of your forever friends.

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